Offered Services

Materials and Consumables

Supply of consumables for:

  • Thermal Printers
  • Foil-based wax, resin or mixed
  • Ink-IN and Ink-OUT
  • Full range of neutral or pre-printed autodesive labels

Calibration and Verification

  • Calibration and verification services for scales with the release of the metrological test document and certificates
  • Use of certified sample masses for scales of any capacity

Customer Care

  • Hardware and software support
  • Direct repair of scales and pritners

Remote Support

  • Connection via internet to automatic or manual workstations
  • Immediate verification and resolution of problems
  • Automatic or customer authorized connection

Metrology Services

Alpi Sistemi S.r.l. is a metric tool manufacturer with the certificate 13424 CCIA registered in Varese.

We offer scales verification services based on the European Standard EN45501.

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