Weighing systems

  • Load cells
  • Weighing terminals
  • Single cell platforms and 4 cells
  • Automatic online weighing
  • Weighbridges
  • Piece counter
  • Dosages
  • Precision and analytical laboratory scales

Type of product

Load cells

  • Single Point Load Cells, Bending Flex Beam, Shear Beam, Traction, Low Profile Compression, Column Compression for Bridge Weights.
  • Standard cell connection units manufactured to specific application requirements.
  • Versions in aluminum, nickel-plated steel, INOX and for installation in ATEX environments.

Weighing Terminals

  • Electronic indicators for load cell weighing systems.
  • Containers in ABS or stainless steel with different degrees of protection.
  • Different types of displays and features.
  • Possibility of connection to various inspections such as PCs, printers, maxi-displays via rs232 connection, usb, ethernet, wi-fi and radio.

Industrial platforms with 4 cells

  • Weighing platforms of various sizes, standard sizes and shapes or made ad hoc for specific customer needs.
  • Weighing structure welded in extremely resistant, painted or INOX steel tube.
  • Weight detection is given by 4 load cells.
  • Shear share beam whose signal is equalized via a junction card.

Single-Cell Platforms

  • Small and medium-sized electronic weighing platforms with single-point load cell.
  • Made with a double tubular steel frame painted, galvanized or INOX.
  • Support scales or with upright legs.

Static volume weight

  • Detection of weight and volume of packages statically.
  • Allow the control of the dimensions for the load and the transport costs.
  • Practical, comfortable and mounted on swivel wheels.

Weighing on automatic systems

  • Realization of scales applied to automatic systems such as conveyor belts, box roller conveyors, pallet rollers, vibrating hoppers.
  • Applications designed and studied ad hoc to optimize every single customer need.


  • Weighing platforms for vehicles made of concrete or iron with floor-level or above-ground installation with access ramps.
  • Weighing management in manual or self-service mode with access bars, traffic lights, PC remote control.

Pieces counter

  • Multiple system solutions count pieces by determining the Average Unit Weight and subsequent counting.
  • Management via stand-alone terminal or computerized/automated system.
  • Standard and customizable solutions on request.

Dosage systems

  • Weighing and automatic dosing systems for small metal parts, plastic, liquid and concrete batching items.
  • Various types of management and control via a simple PC/PLC terminal or supervisor.

Laboratory and precision scales

  • Small-scale scales where a high reading resolution is required for applications in the laboratory or in any case where a good calculation precision is required, such as in the piece counting systems.
  • Available in various sizes, resolutions, brands and models to best match them according to the field of use and customer request.