Scanner and volume

  • Handheld readers with cable or wireless
  • Laser technology, CCD or Imager
  • Fixed scanners
  • Volumetric scanners

Type of product

Manual readers

  • Multi-use handheld readers with cable or wireless.
  • Laser technology, CCD or Imager.
  • Retail or industrial for any work environment.

Automatic Scanners

  • Fixed high-performance automatic scanners.
  • High depth of field with real-time autofocus system.
  • System for reconstruction of damaged barcodes.
  • Available with linear readers, raster and oscillating mirror.

Volumetric scanners

  • Accurate registration of package volumes.
  • Quick and accurate determination of transport costs.
  • Independent of the shape of the objects: cuboidal or irregular.
  • Reliable and certified for all applications.

Digital Tape

  • Integrated barcode reading.
  • Size detection and recording.
  • Data transfer via bluetooth or USB.
  • Interfaceable with PC and Tablet.
  • Can be integrated with ALPI PVS and customer management software.

Static volume weight

  • Detection of weight and volume of packages statically.
  • Allow the control of the dimensions for the load and the transport costs.
  • Practical, comfortable and mounted on swivel wheels.