Plants and logistics

  • Automatic end-of-line systems for packaging and shipping
  • Automatic weighing and in-line control systems
  • Automatic systems for weight and volume detection

Type of product


  • Automatic warehouse handling systems.
  • Creation of a control structure from the order preparation phase to the conclusion of the shipment with packaging and data registration.
  • Interfacing with customer information systems.

End Line

  • End of line automatic packaging and shipping systems.
  • Integration of taping machines, strapping machines.
  • Realization of the handling software on plc.
  • Realization of the management software with the integration of the customer's company data.


  • Automatic on-line weighing systems.
  • Ideal for weight control in real time or simply for weight registration.
  • Static or dynamic weighing systems.
  • Manageable directly from company management through simple software interfaces.

Dynamic Weight-Volume

  • Accurate registration of package volumes.
  • Quick and accurate determination of transport costs.
  • Independent of the shape of the objects: cuboidal or irregular.
  • Reliable and certified for all applications.
  • Can be integrated directly on the balance belt.

Pick To Light

  • A new light in order preparation.
  • Pick To Light systems are operator-type picking solutions for materials that can ensure high productivity.
  • Reduces error in the packaging phase and increases product quality while reducing costs.
  • Quick, intuitive and modular.